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Backups are important. There is nothing worse than losing important data. That's why we've pooled our resources to bring you the best of online backup providers. Each review here contains an in-depth look at features, support and pricing so you know exactly what you're getting.

Rank Provider Price Storage Money Back Automated Rating Score Review
1 Best online backup JustCloud Free!! UNLIMITED ANYTIME YES Best online backup Rating 100%
Best online backup Review JustCloud
2 Best online backup MyPCBackUp FREE Unlimited YES YES Best online backup Rating 95%
Best online backup Review MyPCBackUp
3 Best online backup SugarSync $9.95 30GB NONE YES Best online backup Rating 92%
Best online backup Review SugarSync
4 Best online backup LiveDrive $7.95 UNLIMITED YES 14-Day Best online backup Rating 90%
Best online backup Review LiveDrive
5 Best online backup Drop Box $9.99 50GB YES YES Best online backup Rating 90%
Best online backup Review Drop Box
6 Best online backup Zip Cloud $4.95 UNLIMITED ANYTIME YES Best online backup Rating 90%
Best online backup Review Zip Cloud
7 Best online backup iDrive $4.95 150GB YES Pro-Rated Best online backup Rating 88%
Best online backup Review iDrive
8 Best online backup iBackUp $9.95 10 GB YES Non-Refundable Best online backup Rating 80%
Best online backup Review iBackUp
9 Best online backup ElephantDrive $9.95 100 GB YES NO Best online backup Rating 78%
Best online backup Review ElephantDrive
10 Best online backup Mozy $5.99 50GB YES Pro-Rated Best online backup Rating 73%
Best online backup Review Mozy

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MyPCBackup Review

Just Cloud Review

Just Cloud Review

Sugar Sync Review

Sugar Sync Review

Live Drive Review

Live Drive Review

Dropbox Review

Dropbox Review
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Welcome to The Top Rated Online Backup Reviews

Are you looking for a safe and secure place to store all the files on your computer? Is your current provider Online Backup provider not cutting it? Let us help. We've complied a comprehensive list of the Best Online Backup providers. Each provider has been hand selected and given a careful review of features, reliability, support and price. We've put this information in an easy to read format so there is no guess work in choosing your Online Backup provider. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Best BackupJustCloud




Money BackYES

Just Cloud:

Cloud Backup Review

Just Cloud is a new and exciting online backup company offering quick and reliable service. Just Cloud offers an excellent choice of options including a free service, an unlimited storage space option, computer synching plus other backup features. While just Cloud is still relatively new, they are already making a name for themselves with their cheap prices and easy-to-use service.

Just Cloud is quickly becoming one of the premier cloud backup solutions available on the market and offers great value.

Just Cloud: Features and Specifications

  1. Multiple Computer Syncing Just Cloud offers the ability to sync multiple computers together which is an amazing option for business and professional users. The ability to just drag and drop a file into a shard folder and have it available to both synced computers makes life much easier. Not more manually transporting documents.
  2. Unlimited Storage The new cloud backup companies are really making a name for themselves by offering unlimited storage for great prices. One concern we have is that they may pull the cell phone maneuver and offer unlimited storage for a while but eventually switch over. So far though the unlimited storage option is excellent, especially for the price.
  3. 256-bit Encryption - Only a few services utilize bank grade security, Just Cloud is one of those companies. Once your data is encrypted only you can access it. Not even the employees of Just Cloud can access this information.
  4. Mac Compatible Just Cloud is now available on more than just PCs. This is a nice addition by the company which is becoming increasingly competitive every day. Just Cloud also has an App available for download that is every improving.
  5. Remote Access This is one of the best features an online backup company can offer, the ability to remotely access you data from any device with an internet connection. Just Cloud also offers this ability through their App.

Just Cloud: Security and Encryption

Just Cloud uses top of the line data encryption. They first secure a connection with your computer using SSL and then they encrypt your data with a 256-bit AES encryption, which on par to most online banks and both meets and exceeds basic security standards.

Just Cloud also utilizes redundant storage, meaning that they backup their backups for an extra layer. Just Cloud also uses Amazon S3 storage servers, which are considered on the leading storage servers available. Also all your data is even encrypted from Just Cloud employees, meaning only you can see what you have stored.

Just Cloud: Customer Support

Just Cloud boasts quality customer service. They can be reached either by phone or by email; however they do not offer over-the-phone support which is a knock on their service. They also do not offer online chat support. They do offer a large FAQ section, a knowledge base and tutorials. Their customer service is prompt and friendly. If you are a do-it-yourself type of individual you will be more than capable of using their service. It is easy-to-use and incredibly simple to set up.

The only knock the Just Cloud has is their lack of communication lines. An online chat option could easily move them into our top spot. However their product is very simple and easy-to-use so generally there are not many issues that will require help.

The Verdict

Overall Just Cloud is an excellent storage solution. Their combination of services, unlimited storage, security and ease-of-use are an incredible value at the cost. It is easy to see why this company has sky-rocketed to the top of the industry.

If you are interested in Just Cloud check out their 14-day trial membership. The storage is limited to 2GBs but it is a great way to test-drive their service and see if it is the right one for you.

Testimonials of Happy Best Online Backup Subscribers

"I love online backup. I've burned through a lot of hard drives and it gives me peace of mind to know that my important files are backed up redundantly and that I can access them from anywhere."

Brian Davidson

"So I just learned about online backup options. I just lost everything on my computer and it's devastating. If you're not backing your stuff up, you're in for a nasty surprise if anything ever goes south. Thanks for the detailed reviews of these providers, it's easy to make my choice since I'm new to the game."

Michael King
Teryacht International

"Great site, awesome reviews, easy to read and navigate. Thanks, it's made it very simple for us to choose our online backup provider."
Sally M

Online Backup Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Pick An Online Backup Provider?
Research. Use this site for what it was meant for.  First assess your needs, then read the reviews on this website. There are lots of online backup providers to pick from, but we have done the real hard work for you. We have tested, reviewed the best and put them in an easy to understand format which takes the guess-work out of it. We feel confident you once you read the reviews you will find the provider which best fits your needs

Do I Need Online Backup If I Already Have An External Drive or Similar Device?
Backing up your files to an external drive, thumb drive, or similar device is well and good, and we won't tell you you shouldn't do it, but there are some very good reasons why backing up online is better. Besides you having to do it manually, which is tedious & time consuming, and easy to forget; the fact of the matter is external devices like these are vulnerable to many types of disaster. Thumb drives are easy to lose, get dropped, get wet, get crushed and all other sorts of nasty stuff. External hard drives are generally kept in the same place as your computer - what if something unforeseeable happens, such as natural disaster, or theft? In any of these cases your files, pictures, music and other important documents would be lost forever.

When storing online, your important files are kept in a safe remote location which can then be access from any computer with an internet connection.

Can Anyone Use Online Backup?
Absolutely! And we think everyone should. No matter if its your personal files, your family, small business, big business. There is an online backup solution that's right will fit your needs and keep your important files secure.

-- Read More

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